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The intention was to influence Portuguese taxpayers to consign 0.05% of the IRS withheld to Amnesty International Portugal.

To this end, we sought to demonstrate that helping the causes Amnesty International fights for can be as simple as making a cross. And we did so by showing words that represent those causes with a letter replaces by a cross. The amendment did not prevent the word from being read, but it was enough to make a difference.

The three concepts were unfolded in different media: press releases, banners, postcards, muppis and wipes for restaurants. 

Additionally, we produced a video which, after a brief contextualization of Amnesty International’s activity, exemplified in concrete strokes how to contribute with the IRS statement itself.



- News in the media;

- Increase in donations (due to the success of the campaign in 2013, it was decided to activate it again in 2014).

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