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Telling about the arrival of Cabify to the city of Porto demanded honours of exception, just like the service it provides. So instead of a "normal" campaign valuing the amenities and benefits of Cabify service or showing the satisfaction of users and drivers, we opted for the other side, i.e. give voice to the minority of people that regrets the shift in mobility habits.

Two narratives, simulating a prank, were produced showing two of those complainants, in moments of blatant regret.

The filming took place at sites easily identifiable by city locals that usually are a spot for the kind of protagonists embodied by our actor.

In the first episode, we presented the laments of a car usher, desperate with the lack of "clientele" to park, protesting for the bad fortune, and throwing scorchers to the arrival of Cabify in the city.

The second roll of complaints was handled by an inspector of paid parking spots, who also finds himself faced with too much free time after Cabify arrived in the city. So, he strives to please the few drivers who still use the personal car to move through the city and happen to park in his assigned zone. He uses any argument at his disposal, even gifting potential clients just like his new competitor.


- 40.000 views and 140 shares on Facebook.*

- 7.210 views on YouTube.*

* Data collected within a week of the campaign launch.

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