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And just when it was thought that there was nothing more to be done with coal, we created and launched the brand Carvão Zero and changed everyhting, from the conventional colour of the packaging, to the name and uncompromising and friendly attitude of this superior product, which does no harm to anyone, nor to the planet we share.

Now, coal is not all the same, there is one that is Zero, for the whole world to understand, in good Portuguese or universal English. But that’s not all. It’s Zero, because it’s just coal, no stones or branches. More, and not less important, this coal is produced from wood from weed species, such as acacia, and when it’s hot, it doesn’t release flames or toxic gases, thanks to the slow pyrolysis method used in its production. Zero is like that, it’s okay.

The Carvão Zero packages are measured in dm3 and not in Kg. So, those who buy ZERO know that they are not buying stones, sticks, or any other type of debris, usually used to fill the bags sold by weight. Fair enough.

To condense all the advantages of Carvão Zero we have developed this series of pictograms, which translate into general traits by: less costs for restaurants in cleaning the pipes; less waste and more coal; more profitability, demonstrable by the superior calorific power compared to traditional coal; more taste of food and less burning; less fumes and toxins and, inherently, more clean air and health; more safety and less sparks; faster lighting, that is, less than 10 minutes for the ember to be ready.

If you’ve come this far, take this tip: Carvão Zero is on sale at Portuguese supermarket chains like Pingo Doce and Continente, among others. Buying it really pays off.

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