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In 2018, we raced to activate Continental Tires in the two main races of athletics in Porto – the Porto Marathon and the S. Silvestre Race – which the brand sponsored. Before we hit the road, we set a goal in line with the scrolls of this multinational in the automotive industry and the Vision Zero Accidents that guides its activity. Therefore, we put ‘’safety first’’.


With the motto defined, we developed an activation that would do it justice. We created Photo Finish Continental, a stand in the shape of a goal frame that not only projected the brand image during the delivery of the participation kits, as it also served as the stage for a pastime that extended into the digital medium.

On site, we challenged athletes and escorts (or anyone else there) to do the best finish line pose. The results of this photogenic overtaking test were published on the brand’s Facebook page for voting. Of the 20 that have earned the most likes, the Continental jury chose the most creative, whose author was offered a pair of shoes developed in partnership by Continental and Adidas, in addition to the first place shoes, both the winner and the remaining 9 ranked, won a special racing watch.

During both races, more than 2000 participants passed through our finish line. Continetal’s Facebook had an addition of almost 1.000 new followers and a huge interaction between tastes, messages, tags and photo sharing.

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