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August is a month of bad fame, precisely because it is so associated with the holidays of millions of people around the world. At one glance, half the world seems to stagnate, so they call it names, like ‘’silly season’’.

In 2017, this season was much less ‘’silly’’, at least there by the band of Bom Sucesso Market, which entrusted us with the task of thinking of an event that would shake the hosts during August and could even last through September.

Our proposal was a new summer festival. We called it Esplanada, which is a very appropriate name for a concert festival, with free access, that would take place in the middle of the Bom Sucesso Market esplanade from the end of the afternoon of successive Fridays in August and September.

Once the name was defined, we proceeded to the conception of the different promotional supports for the event and, in collaboration with the communication team of Bom Sucesso Market, we selected and contacted artists to compose the poster tailored to the occasion.

In our memory, and also in many other people’s, there are nine great concerts that gave the perfect motto, and more agitated than usual this season, for the weekends.

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