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The ‘’Esplanada’’ was seen and heard again in the summer of 2018 and we gave it body and soul again, which is to say that we drew the whole image of the event, promoted it in social and traditional media, as well as recruiting bands and artists to give a real festival at the Bom Sucesso Market esplanade.

The poster was still to close and the diversity of musical styles of the confirmed artists already stood out. So, we decided to highlight it in the design of the different pieces. With some naturalness, we started from the colours that make up the identity of Bom Sucesso Market. We added some changes to them and, before us, a lively rainbow of tracks was formed thar, with a little bit of style, would give the impression of a sound wave. We did the trick.

We also created a logo for the festival, keeping it faithful to the color palette of the Mercado Bom Sucesso brand and segmenting the logo into three overlapping blocks oriented at slightly different angles. With this we intended ro reproduce the organic layout that any esplanade always ends up adopting with the use. That’s how it was, relaxed and animated.

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