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No sugar, dyes or preservatives, just dried fruit. Sales arguments like these are not found in any food product, not even in the range of dehydrated fruit snacks. They are found in Fruut.

A product so essentially different, tasty, crispy and healthy, in comparison to the others, had to appear clearly on supermarket shelves.

To meet the differentiating character of the brand, we redesigned the packaging of the different products of the brand with the assumption of valuing the essential and eliminating the accessory. All this was animated by a vibrant color palette and patterns as natural as the contents of each package.

Keeping the same philosophy of the mother packaging, we later designed special editions with the seal, sometimes of small great heroes, sometimes of sportsmen, like the surfer Vasco Ribeiro. In all of them, however, the Fruut difference was the common and outstanding denominator.

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