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Continental, as a good German brand, came to us with a clear and direct goal: to restart the conversation between this brand, the European leader in the automobile components industry, and its end consumers. For the topic of conversation, confidence was chosen.

The challenge was to integrate this conversation into a digital platform that would be able to encourage interaction and sharing of content by the users who came to it.

We thought and discussed points of view of what trust is about, this word that so often comes up, either in advertising or in the most trivial conversations.

We didn’t do any master thesis on the subject, but we can say that we are well aware of how far this subject can go.

In short, trust is a predisposition, a need, that is born with each one of us. We just don’t give confidence to everything and to everyone. We select. And this presupposes precedents, criteria that guide the way we manage our trust.

In other words, we have our own way of trusting, a profile of trust that distinguishes us. It was this particularity that we were interested in exploring, this predisposition that we share and the tangible or intangible reason that lead us to trust. Basically, we just wanted to remember the trust that unites us all around us, even if sometimes we cannot see them.

As with the best conversations, this one started with a question:

The url was created to receive and show the campaign, which was eventually hosted on the brand’s own website.

Opening the page, a video framed the theme with a greater example of confidence: one that knows no limits.

Immediately, the inaugural question acquired another meaning, instigated awareness, which was conducive to taking users to the next stage - a test of personality.

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