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After 60 years of existence, this wood processing company challenged us to perform a complete rebranding, thus reflecting the changes occurred both at the core of the company and the wood industry itself.

Therefore, to say that we went deep in the roots of this brand couldn’t make any more sense. This is to say we went from renaming it in a more polished manner, reshaping its character and, finally, nourishing it carefully so a new logo and stationery could germinate. Nature will certainly do the rest.

Throughout the process, we gave special attention to the logo’s readability. We wanted to ensure a simple and immediate perception of its object. This, because in our view the main audience of the brand does not waste time translating or unwrapping the logo of a company – it’s pragmatic on deciding.

The truth is once the new brand name became defined no space remained for doubts. Lusowood shouted loud its object. Its visuals just needed to respond in the same way.

O logótipo de uma marca nem sempre precisa de incluir elementos iconográficos. No entanto, eles são o melhor recurso para condensar uma mensagem, uma metáfora. Neste caso, havia certamente uma mensagem a transmitir – a da experiência e especialização que a empresa acumulara ao longo de mais de meio século. Mais do que um ícone que incorporasse esta mensagem, queríamos um símbolo, tão robusto quanto a herança da empresa.

After some colour studies, we chose to summarize the spectrum to green and neutral tones. Again, it was the premise of facilitating the interpretation of the logotype that determined our choice. If black in white, or vice versa, does not deceive, the green brings to the brand a more relevant semiotic character, a symbolic expression of sustainability and balance with the natural environment, brand new values to guide this new stage of the company.

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