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Used to mark time in the city of Porto, almost a century ago, and to make a difference for the excellence of its services and watchmakers’ knowledge, Marcolino decided that the time had come to make a difference, this time for its brand image.

Renewing the image of a watchmaker from Porto with almost 90 years of history was a craft to be faced with the same throroughness of a master watchmaker and, at the same time, a good mental amplitude. This was because it was about the honour of an immense patrimony of accumulated knowledge and dedication to the art of watchmaking. Thefore, we wanted to avoid some common places of more conventional watchmaking.

As a support base, we had a clear segmentation regarding Marcolino’s customer profile and an interest in enhancing the renovated façade of the ‘’art deco’’ moth building that has hosted the brand’s flagship store for decades. It was precisely the frontispiece of the store that most caught our attention.

After some studies, a distinct symbol took shape, synthesizing to the essential trace the portico of the brand’s main store. It was Marcolino’s entrance in a new stage of its history and also an invitation to all its customers to enter.

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Rua Barão de Forrester, n.º 790
4050-272 Porto Portugal

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