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In 2014, the brand Famosa, both in name and reputation in the children’s toy segment, contacted us to create a Christmas campaign. It wanted to focus on the also famous Nancy doll and convey the values associated with this brand icon.

Christmas preparations always gives families a lot of work, but most of it is left to the mothers. So we decided that the brand Famosa should take advantage of this campaign to honor them. To do this, we thought of appealing to the memory of mothers who, as children, will most likely have played with the Nancy doll.

We created a video in which a little girl imitates her mother in the kitchen, imagining one day to be like her. The journey, however, ends up revealing some mishaps, but nothing that disturbs the mother-daughter relationship.

With this simple homage, we tried to reinforce Nancy’s character which, unlike other dolls, intends to be a model of behaviour for children. The doll appears in the video as an intermediary in the chain of transmission of values between mother and daughter.

To ensure a more truthful character of the complicity between the characters and thus be able to convey the message of the video, we searched for two actresses who are, in fact, mother and daughter.


Three days after its release, the video got almost 30,000 views on YouTube. Today, it already counts over 300,000.

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