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We were challenged by the Order of Engineers of the Northern Region to develop the new visual identity system with the respective developments in the different communication media of the brand. The scope of the project was measured from the outset by the multiplicity of engineering areas that are within the Order and therefore needed to be considered in the new system. The first step, however, was to renew the logo and sign a new positioning.

It was with the signature ‘’United for a future project’’ that we gave the motto to the new stage of the OERN. There, three essential aspects of the OERN’s purposes were condensed – the union and cooperative spirit that motivate its existence; the project that it represents and the basis of the engineering craft; the future as the main guiding focus of its action and of an engineering project.

The renewal of the visual identity, which we carried out, focused fundamentally on typography – being the symbol of the OERN immutable – and on the level of organization of the various disciplines of engineering with recourse, first, to a system of colors, segmenting each discipline to a coherent and specific color that would be highlighted in the respective pieces, and then to a series of pictograms that allowed to deepen the first segmentation and, populating the pieces, to circumscribe the object to specific themes.

This renovation was implemented and maintained until the change of management of the OERN.

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