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We received the challenge of creating the logo for the new Peach Hostel, located in Campanhã, Porto. If memory serves, it was our first time with hostels and the experience could not have been better. 

The guidelines that were given at check-in were simple to follow. Peach Hostel opened doors to a well-defined public, located between 18 and 35 years old, that prioritizes the convenience, comfort and tranquility of accommodation in their tourist destinations, and that travels to explore not only destinations, but also get to know new people.

Furthermore, it was Peach Hostel’s policy to adopt a modern identity, easily adaptable to the web environment and whose chromatic spectrum naturally navigated by peach tones. Precise and, as far as we are concerned, sensible guidelines, so we followed them scrupulously, but added a little more.

Representing a peach was the natural choice to shape the symbol of this logo, but this ‘’three-dimensional’’ peach has the potential for much more. It can be seen as a balloon of St. John, a unique symbol of the city of Porto. And if you look at it in one colour, you’re surprised by a networkof links and routes that most seem to form a map. René Magritte might sign under ‘’This is not a peach.’’

If you come to Porto, consider staying at this nice Hostel. Besides being super friendly, it is very well located, next to the metro, train station and bus stops.

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R. de Pinto Bessa 272 Escritório 5
4300-431 Porto Portugal

+351 918318424