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The challenge was to communicate a special Christmas offer from Grupótico, as a way to increase the brand’s notoriety. To be something more than a simple promotion, we were inspired by community spirit, one of the brand images of Christmas, and we developed a campaign that combined the skills of guerrilla marketing with social responsibility.

Based on the universe of eye health, where the brand is positioned, we focused on a topic that annoys even the healthiest eyes – the little letters that populate contracts, terms and conditions of this world.

We launched a petition, online and offline, against the use of small print in contracts, with the aim of changing the legislation itself. The petition proposed  that all contracts in portugal should be written with a minimum font size of 11 points and line spacing of 1.15, thus making it easier to read and understand without the need for any kind of graduation aids.

The campaign had a strong online presence, from the website, and was also activated in the street using teams of promoters that collected signatures in several cities in the country, such as Porto, Lisbon, Braga, Viana do Castelo, Setúbal or Chaves.


Each person contacted to sign the petition later received information about Grupótico’s Christmas commercial campaign.


We are not aware, at a national or international level, of another brand that was close to changing the legislation of a country from a marketing action.

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