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As usual, on the celebrations of the Popular Saints, Continente stores ‘’dress up’’ strictly. In 2018, Bazooka was responsible for developing the party concept and visually unfolding it in the decoration and segmentation of the different store spaces, with the main focus on sales generation by attracting customers’ attention. 

Eveything has already been done with the theme of Popular Saints, but the truth is that, in Portugal, there is no party like the Popular Saints. There is no way to avoid some commonplace, it is tradition, the same that brings thousands of Portuguese and foreigners of all ages in the streets to celebrate the Saints, the summer, whatever. It’s one hard fun party.

Well, in 2018, we made it beautiful for the Continente shops outside.

We tried to mix some of the most characteristic iconography of the Popular Saints’ festivities, such as sardines and basil, with evocative elements of portugality, such as tiles. It was a condition to ensure that the visual worked in stores from north to south of the country, so that the inclusion of specific symbols of each festival was put aside.

We went beyond the simple decoration proposal alluding to the Popular Saints and proposed a simple dynamic to execute and create interaction with customers: a photobooth with a configuration that invited a photograph.

Our proposal was a little more ambitious in relation to this piece. We considered that it could also work as a means of connection between the local sphere of each store and the brand’s digital platforms. To do so, we put forward the idea of moving forward with a pastime in the brand’s social networks, which we ould call #QUEFOTOMAISLINDA (WHAT A BEAUTIFUL PHOTO). To the participants, it would be enough to share, with the hashtag, a photo taken on the photobooth, thus enabling, according to the creativity, a shopping voucher or a special discount on Continente card. The idea didn’t follow this time. We’re ready for the next one.

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