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The brand wanted to familiarize the Portuguese with digital photo albums. We suggested to compete to the Guiness Book of Records with the mission of creating the Largest Photo Album in the World. How did all this happen? We’ll explain in a moment.

First, we created a mass cause and recruited volunteers for the movement. That is, under the concept of ‘’Portugal, the Best Destination’’, we involved thousands of Portuguese in the construction of a giant photographic album, the biggest in the world, that would do justice to the motto. 

Then, we launched a website to challenge the public to contribute with photographs, which would show the best of Portugal (landscapes, monuments, gastronomy, people, etc.). A voting system was developed to determine the 10 thousand monst popular photographs, which were then printed in the album ‘’Portugal, The Best Destination’’

The campaign relied on strong online communication, field actions and public relation, also benefiting from the collaboration of several public figures, such as actor Diogo Morgado, musician Paulo Furtado (The Legendary Tigerman), pilot Armindo Araújo, former footballer Jorge Andrade, designers Nuno Gama and Maria Gambina, among other illustrious figures in Portuguese society.




- 15,000 participants 

- 77,053 photographs

- 250 articles in the media (newspapers, magazines, radio, TV, online).

- 52,920 contacts.

- 198% increase in sales. 

- Guinness record: Largest Photo Book 2012.

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