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The Mondego Residence condominium, located in Portela, Coimbra, was finished and ready to live. It was time to communicate it at the height of its scrolls.


They were not scrolls, but rather leaflets, which we had, as a support, to spread the message. But the distribution of leaflets in the streets has become so trivial that it is already normal to provoke aversion to people. And being young, in this case, the ‘’target’’ to be reached, the expectation was that the rejection to such an action was even greater.

So we reversed the logic and looked for a way to induce the public to want the leaflets freely and spontaneously.

In areas of great circulation of people in the city of Coimbra, we set up a patch of orange leaflets, folded in the shape of paper boats.

Sharpening the curiosity of passers-by in front of this unusual panorama, the boats promoting the Mondego Residence were being carried, one after the other, by a spontaneous and well-disposed current.

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