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The challenge, on paper, was simple: to communicate the 43rd Furniture Capital – Furniture and Decoration Fair, in a differentiated and attractive way, informing the usual visitors of the event and, at the same time, generating the curitosity of new audiences. 

In a more practical plan, it was a matter of promoting an exhibition of furniture, which soon raises the challenge to another level, considering the multiplicity of events of this type that occur annually in our country.

Those who have never visited the ‘’Capital of Furniture’’ associate the event with an exhibition of traditional, outdated furniture and decoration items. An image far removed from reality.

To highlight this gap, we bet on a bold and ironic communication, with a ‘’provocation’’ to the brand with the highest notoriety worldwide (and national) in the sector: Ikea.

We supported the campaign in the ‘’Serious Furniture’’ concept, directly affirming that the offer of the Mobile Capital is different from what is thought. But that’s not only it. This concept was agile enough to also say that those who buy furniture in Paços de Ferreira do not need to assemble them, nor carry them and, also, do not run the risk of finding them in the homes of all friends.

The campaign unfolded at various times:

1. We sent an invitation to Ingvar Kamprad, president of the Swedish company, to visit the 43rd Mobile Capital and see ‘’real furniture’’;

2. We bought the space of a billboard, installed in front of Ikea’s store, in Matosinhos, and we challenged Ingvar Kamprad to come and see ‘’real furniture’’ in Swedish;

3. Besides distributing the campaign in ourdoors and mupis, we got the media’s attention, taking it to several media sources, in Portugal and Galicia, from television to radio, press and facebook.


- Over 30 thousand visitors to the fair;

- 132 news generated (television, radio, print and web), with an average of four daily references;

- Reach (news) of 4,637,020 people, in a return of 523,210.45€

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