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The goal was clear: to make iRobot Roomba visible to Portuguese families. Seeing it in action is enough, but enough is never enough. So, we wondered, is it too eccentric to claim that just because iRobot Roomba aspires to everything by itself and well, can it be a solution to more complex problems? If we think about it, maybe it’s not.

Well, let’s see. Cleaning the house is always a headache, nobody likes to do it. Vacuuming the old-fashiones way is boring, tiring and probably detrimental to joint health. Add to all this the time we waste, time that could be better spent relaxing from day-to-day problems. 

You see? With a little more time to think, we realize that Roomba can help solve problems other than dirt on the floor. At least it frees us some time to rest and put the problems in a better perspective.

This was the message that, subliminally, we wanted to convey with a small video around the complicity relationship that a child created with the most recent family member, Roomba. But, before this interaction reveals itself, it is the problems of all kinds that ‘’assault’’ the child, through television, boring him.

When Roomba appears, it is as if a friend appears who expands the horizons of the child’s imaginary. While all this happens, a dog just observes, serene for not having threatening paddles or strange noises to worry about.


- Over 11,000 views on YouTube in the first two weeks;

- A series of articles published in national and international media, from newspapers to magazines, television channels and online platforms.

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