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After creating a new concept for the brand – ‘’Espera Sentado’’ (‘’Sit down while you wait’’) – we wanted to activate it in a less orthodox way, in order to reflect the irony of the concept itself. But the budget was limited, so we needed to be humble but effective.

In the end, we applied a recipe from the books, that is, to capture the attention of the media and leave it to them to promote the action.

It was a time for debate on the government’s program. The state budget was going to be under discussion in Parliament on October 9th 2015, and, as always, all the media would be concentrated in the Parliament.


We took advantage of the occasion, installing in front of the staircases of the Assembly of the Republic one of the several sofas marketed by the brand and a poster with a timely message and a pertinent response.



The campaign did not go unnoticed by the various media, for example:

- Rádio Comercial, ‘’O homem que mordeu o cão’’ – Nuno Markl

- SIC TV News

- TVI TV News

- SIC News

- Sapo

- Jornal de Negócios

- Jornal Briefing

- Marketeer

- Meios & Publicidade

- Sábado Magazine

- PTjornal

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