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Lua de Papel, publisher of the Leya group, challenged us to develop the digital activation of the book ‘’Diet of the Paleolithic’’ by Dr. Loren Cordain, one of the most renowned scientists in the study of Evolutionary Medicine, which in this book seeks to defend the diet used by our ancestors as a viable alternative to be healthier and live in good shape.

We created a microsite, which invited users to check how ‘’paleolithic’’ the diet itself was. To do this, visitors needed to indicate the approximate amounts of the types of food they consumed daily. After adjusting the average values on the platform, an algorithm generated a percentage result.

Faced with the numbers, curiosity was aroused and Internet users were encouraged to want to know more. And for that, nothing better than to read a book specialized in the subject.




- Over 100,000 visits to the app.

- Thousands of shares of the results on social networks.

- News in different newspapers such as Público, DN, Sapo Lifestyle or Observador.

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