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Increase the number of visitors of Vila do Conde Style Outlet during the summer, that was the task we had on our hands. This meant counteracting the trend of fewer visits during the summer season.


In addition, it was intended to convey a ‘’trendy’’ and ‘’fashionista’’ brand image and also to communicate the beginning of the sales.

To overcome such a challenge we had to make ours. We put a young woman, dressed in an elegant and sophisticated way, circulating with vanity around several beaches. Following her, a man was carrying a pile of boxes and shopping bags, with references to the Vila do Conde the Style Outlet and the sales. Right behind this curious couple, two promoters were following to distribute hangers with promotional information.


- 40.000 hangers given;

- 25 beaches in the north of the country traveled in 15 days;

- 43.731 people reached Facebook in action-related posts.

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