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Do dehydrated 100% natural vegetables for snacking or serving as a spice seem extravagant to you? Maybe it is, who knows? We have chosen to add this new range of Frueat products in different ways, more suitable, let’s say, with the vegetables in question. In addition, we’ve created the packaging that welcomes them, the vegetables and the adjectives.

Veegs is a world apart from the usual snacks, a village of healthy vegetables and full of personality. Onions are cheeky, they make your mouth water as fast as they make you cry for more. It crosses over with the seductive tomato and a nice soup is made. This tomato has long since lost its redness of shyness and has the habit of breaking hearts. The jealous pepper does not do the thing for less and manifests itself with the strong sensations that invade it. Fortunately, the sweet and innocent potato is around to calm the environment with its delicate way that disarms anyone.

To promote these friends of ours, we took some profile photos of them and spread them around the country in a series of mupis. Obviously, no one could be indifferent to such strength of character.

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