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In Porto, Via Rápida Stop & Shop is the name of a shopping centre and a metro station at the same time. But although this 2 in 1 is unique in the city, many people are unaware of the diversity of services and convenience that exists there. That’s why they contacted us to give a hand in the brand’s projection.

And we gave, not one, but several.

To do justice to the convenience of the existing services in Via Rápida Stop & Shop, we put the brand to launch direct and timely questions, especially addressed to those who pass daily by Via Rápida-Viso station and perhaps do not notice.

To materialize this campaign, we assumed all the strategy, creativity and production, that is, we had no hands to measure. Nothing unsual for us.

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R. de Pinto Bessa 272 Escritório 5
4300-431 Porto Portugal

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