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Danone wanted to activate its new yoghurt, Danio, through its mascot, “Xeidafome” (Starving). This should be performed with a young, fun and dynamic mood, favourable to impact on consumers the idea of Danio as a “threat to hunger” and integrated with a sampling moment.

Xeidafome is an incarnation of hunger, the annoying sensation we all feel from time to time. Despite that reputation, Xeidafome is a fun, well-intentioned caricature. This two-sided character reminded us of a well-known Portuguese comedian, Nilton, famous for his irritating but hilarious personas.

So, we invited Nilton to personify Xeidafome in a set of short videos. We wanted these videos to have a similar structure of the famous sketches like “Eu amo você”, “O que estás a fazer?”, “És tu o Fernando?”, “Gostas de mim?” ou “Sepique Íngliche?”.

The first stage of the strategy consisted in the creation of a teaser and a sketch both emitted on the TV show "5 Para a Meia Noite", where the comedian repeats incessantly the term "Xeidafome".

Subsequently, the action migrated to the social networks, both of Nilton and Danone. A third video was released, identical to the sketch, but with the inclusion of the mascot Xeidafome itself. The partnership between Danone and the Nilton was revealed.

Both activations on television and social networks were complemented by the distribution of thousands of product samples in different companies in Lisbon.



  • 230.000 viewers of “5 Para a Meia Noite” TV show, when the videos were transmitted;
  • 16.233 views for the video “Xeidafome – Parte 1” on Youtube; *
  • 10.075 views for the video “Xeidafome – Parte 2” on Youtube; *
  • 18.143 views for the video “Tou Xeidafome – Nilton” on Youtube; *
  • 1.242 shares on Nilton’s facebook page of the video “Tou Xeidafome – Nilton”; *
  • 4.507 likes on Nilton’s facebook page of the video “Tou Xeidafome – Nilton”; *
  • 563.000 people reached by Nilton’s facebook page video post “Tou Xeidafome – Nilton”; *
  • Plenty shares of the vídeo “Tou Xeidafome – Nilton” in entertainment blogs and facebook groups.


* Data collected on May 7, 2014.

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