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Bo-Bell is a Portuguese children’s footwear brand with a strong presence in the European market, mainly in France, Holland, Engand and Denmark. As such, it breathes childhood, joy, energy of all colors and shapes and never, but never, turns its back to a game, a race, a novelty.


Representing this identity in a logo wasn’t an easy task. The main obstacle had to do with our age. We were, and by the way we still are adults, at least in terms of the years we lived. As much as we love to play with ideas, the inexorable passage of time has taken away our child’s dry eyes. Growing up has things like this.

It’s true that a brand of children’s footwear communicated to adults – the children’s parent – but it needed to be as childlike as the recipients of its products to position itself in the same territory.

So the process we followed was an exercise in going back to its roots. We tried to reabsorb our own children’s memories and the aesthetics that make up children’s multiverses. The trip was incredible and we recommend it.

We realized that there is an impulse that usually develops in children: the filling of empty spaces in the letters of the press. We risk saying that this act must go back to the time of the invention of the press itself. The truth is that, back and forth, it returns in adulthood, as a vestige of our infant past, to entertain us, calm us, or help us to think, to imagine. Anyway, childish things.

Thus, an immature logo was born, but full of strength and robustness significant to assert itself in the market. The signature ‘’Real Shoes for Real Kids’’, which we then created, translates the spirit represented in the logo, that is, it puts the brand’s products on an equal footing with children.

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