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Continental, like a good German it is, reached us with a clear and straightforward goal: to resume the conversation between its brand, a European leader in the automobile industry, and its final consumers. For that, trust was the topic to emphasize.

The challenge wasn’t so much in breaking the ice for the conversation to happen, but rather on a digital context to it to happen, which should encourage users’ interaction and spontaneous shares.

We approached the task by reflecting on the meaning of trust, a word so often used whether in advertising jargon or the most trivial talks that its significance seems slippery. Unfortunately or not, we end up not having a master thesis about the subject but became aware at least of how far this topic can go.

In brief, we were able to agree that trust is a predisposition, a need, born with each one of us, but early learnt not to be granted to anything nor anyone. So, we choose what and who is worth our trust. There are criteria guiding how we manage our trust.

In conclusion, each person has a personal way of trusting, a distinguishable trust profile. This singularity and its tangible or intangible causes were what interested us the most to explore. There it was, opened befront us, a gateway to an unusual perspective over trust itself. Reasons to trust are within and around all of us, even if we can’t sometimes see it.

Like the best conversations, this one started with a question:

To host the campaign, we developed the website (“”), which was incorporated on Continental’s website.

Opening the website, a video framed the theme with a major example of confidence, one that knows no boundaries.

Imediatamente, a questão inaugural adquiria um outro sentido, instigava a consciência, o que era propício para levar os utilizadores a avançar para a etapa seguinte – um teste de personalidade.

Este teste propunha-se a identificar o perfil de confiança do utilizador, através de uma série de afirmações, sobre as quais o utilizador deveria indicar o seu grau de concordância ou discordância.

Após submissão do teste, um algoritmo calculava o perfil de confiança, que era depois apresentado ao utilizador com uma descrição dos traços que o caraterizavam. A par disso, um botão permitia a partilha instantânea nas redes sociais.

Para terminar a conversa, houve ainda espaço para realçar a Visão Zero Acidentes da Continental, uma visão que parece bem mais simples de atingir depois de se falar em confiança sem limites.



- 143.092 visualizações do vídeo produzido.


- 719 novos fãs;

- 15.300 interações (gostos, partilhas e comentários);

- 27.000 visualizações do vídeo no Facebook, acima dos 30 segundos;

- 1.900.000 utilizadores alcançados por publicações Continental ou partilhas de conteúdos Continental.

Site Continental

- 19.000 visitas no período de campanha;

- 11.200 pageviews da página de campanha.

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