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Kuatrus is much more than an interior design company. It is the realisation of a family member’s dream, contiued by a mother, two sons and a daughter.

The emotional value involved in this brand required, on our behalf, another kind of care in the way we approached the project of creating its visual identity. We wanted to build a symbol of the communion of values evident in the management of the company and, being an interior decoration company, a symbol that could even be framed in a frame, standardized in a tapestry or wallpaper, shape of a decorative object.

It was through the union of four circles that we found the shape that guides the Kuatrus project. A simplicity that gave us a lot of work and pleasure to reach and unfold in the diverse stationary.

Now, Kuatrus is in full swing to continue the dream that persists in the company and its many customers.

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