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We had in hand another digital activation of a book, this time ‘’Ask Sarah Gross’’, by João Pinto Coelho, winner of the Leya Prize. This novel is shrouded in secrets, mysteries, in a literary narrative that mixes historical facts with fiction.

We developed a microsite that invited users to anonymously record their innermost secrets. The strategy was thought based on the premise that we are all curious by nature, we like to discover secrets, but we all also have secrets, from the simplest to the darkest, which we do not revel easily, we keep with us, we hide.

This web space gave us the opportunity to satisfy two needs, on the one hand to know the secrets that are unknown and, on the other hand, to free some of the weight that keeping a secret entails.

To promote the app, we we created a series of small videos revealing some secrets with the secrecry that the theme requires.

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